Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sammy the Snail

I'm currently writing and illustrating my own children's book that follows a small snail as it teaches children to appreciate the little things in life.
The first page reads:
There once was a wide-eyed little creature named Sammy the Snail who loved all the wonderful things in nature.  He always took the time to notice the beautiful things in the world, and only wished that others would do the same.
Here is the current illustration I am working on...


  1. Is this for class or for real life?

  2. A little of both. I am taking a children's literature class and one of the options for our final project is to illustrate a few images of an existing story. I've decided to write my own book instead and illustrate the entire thing. It would be nice to read with my own kids someday :o)