Friday, October 2, 2009

Airborne Re-vamp

Currently in my Product and Packaging Design class I am working on updating the identity system, graphics, point-of-purchase, and packaging of the immunity supplement Airborne.  
Here is the current packaging and logo.  As you can see it is in dire need of a face-lift and a refinement of marketing strategy.

Airborne's public image is in need of a renovation as well.  After recent lawsuits over inaccurate wording on their packaging, the brand has lost a lot of consumers' trust.
My goal is to not only create an image that will gain that trust back, but to reflect the true greatness of this product. My intent is to bring out the brand’s beliefs in the product’s graphics and identity and refine their point-of-purchase, while avoiding the popular and overused pharmaceutical look.
My marketing strategy focuses on and works to enhance the current viral marketing that Airborne already has working for them: word of mouth.  I plan to incorporate user experience and a "pass-it-on" point-of-purchase while utilizing the tagline, "Happiness is Airborne."
I'd also like to create a package that is more environmentally friendly by eliminating the box and using recyclable plastic. My designs thus far are focusing on a happy, bubbly attitude that not only reflects the brand, but the effervescent qualities of the product itself.
 Let me know what you think:

 A few logos I've created so far.  Colors will vary to reflect the flavor of the product. Below are some package ideas as well.  The cap is a magnet with a fun saying that can be hung on the fridge after the product is consumed.

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