Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Despite This Flu, I'm Trying to Smile...

Just my luck, I got the flu. And all I can say is that THIS SUCKS!  I'm now classified as one of those people no one can come near.  Even if my symptoms subside soon, the virus still lingers for 5-7 days; Health Services has advised me not to go to class or come in contact with people for that length of time.  I hate not being able to go to class.  Normally I would just fight through the symptoms and try to go about my day as I usually would.  But for the sake of others and their health I'll quarantine myself in my room. Do unto others as you'd want done unto you, right?  I'm pretty sure I caught this from someone who didn't follow that rule...
To make matters worse, I have to miss my critique on my Airborne project.  Kind of ironic that I'm sick...great timing.  I guess sleep is a stronger immune system booster than Airborne, and I haven't had enough of either this week.
Well, I'll take this free time as an opportunity to catch up on sleep and prepare my project for my portfolio.
For now, I'm just trying to SMILE.
Here is the cap of the Airborne bottle I created.  It doubles as a fridge magnet. I took this pic a few days ago when I was feeling better.  More images of the final product to come soon! Stay tuned.

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