Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warheads Extreme Sour Candy :: Advertising Photography

Warheads Extreme Sour candy was my product of choice for my first Advertising Photography project. The concept was to pull the viewer in with hyper-realistic lighting effects and intriguing yet funny expressions that one can relate to when tasting something extremely sour.
This project was an AMAZING learning experience for me. I attempted to emulate the ever-famous photographer and photo manipulator Jill Greenberg's lighting style. The setup consisted of a quite complicated 7-light system: a ring light, overhead boom, background light, two front soft-boxes, and two side umbrellas. The struggle to get the lighting right was worth it. Check out the final results!!


  1. I say hehe and haha. Awesome concept...and exposure effect...forgot what it is called

  2. I can't read white type on yellow, at least on this monitor. Still, the face and the lighting is much more exciting than your type anyway

    - brian