Friday, November 6, 2009

Beneath the Sheets

My Product and Packaging class assigned us to conceptualize a new software program and create packaging and accompanying graphics.
My concept is a software for couples in serious relationships or in the midst of their marriage that enhances their sexual relationship by first building a solid foundation of self-knowledge and understanding of the partner's character. The software itself incorporates interactive activities that first focus on individual discovery, experimentation, and learning about your own physical, emotional and mental wants and needs.  After both partners develop a solid knowledge of themselves as individuals, they then can move on to learning about one another on a personal level, then, ultimately they'll reach the juicy stuff: sex tips, games, and exciting ideas.  The entire journey leads the couple to discovery of whats "Beneath the Sheets," both personally, mutually, and sexually.

An illustration style I'm playing with. "Digging beneath the layers to expose your sexual aspirations" (Its a work in progress...)

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